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How to make a beneficial owners search (UBO)


From June 1, 2022 the Register of Beneficial Owners of Cyprus Companies (UBO) became available to the general public. This is done within the framework of the 5th EU Directive aimed at preventing money laundering and terrorist financing through the financial system of the European Union.

All operating companies registered before March 12, 2021 are required to provide data on their beneficiaries by July 31, 2022.

Companies registered after March 12, 2021 are required to provide information about the beneficiaries within 30 days after registration.

All operating companies are required to notify the Register of any change in beneficial owner information within 14 days of the date of the change.

By law, any natural person holding directly or indirectly 25% plus one share must be listed in the Register of Beneficiaries. The following information is present in the Register:

This means that even if a company from a third country, for example from the British Virgin Islands, is indicated as the owner of a Cyprus company in the Register of shareholders, then, regardless of the structure of the company, the natural persons will be indicated in the Register of Beneficiaries. In the event that the beneficiary of the company is a trust or foundation, information about these structures is also disclosed.

We offer a service of providing reports for you from the Register of Beneficial Owners. The cost of the service is 50 euros for 1 company. If the data on the beneficiaries is not submitted to the Register, then the payment is returned. Report completion time is up to 3 business days.

To order a report from the Register of Beneficiaries, open the company you are interested in on our website and select the “Get beneficiaries” service.

An example of a beneficial owner report is available here.